So this is the new generation of Kimaldi electronic boards, a flexible electronic board with integrated Mifare reader which works in real time from the Host, both through serial port as Ethernet UDP-KXP connectivity. So it allows to know each access event in real time with a high security level.

High technology for the new Kimaldi electronic board generation 

All in just one electronic board

It integrates in a single electronic board:  a Mifare reader, a fingerprint biometric reader, Clock&Data ports or Wiegand for an additional reader, Ethernet connectivity and 2 RS-232 ports, a relay, a configurable tricolour led and a buzzer, and 2 digital input.

The highest flexibility for an online access control through the KXP Protocol

Since the electronic board Flexy serial ports can be configured as KXP bridges, it is very simple to incorporate a wide variety of electronics and modules, and thus expand the available network hardware, adding relays, digital inputs and other readers.

The new generation of Kimaldi devices includes KXP Protocol, which embrace Kimaldi products under the same language, regardless the sort of connection they use (RS-232 – Ethernet – Wiegand…).

This Protocol includes the fully programmable KProduct library, in order to organize the commands required to meet the needs of access control.

So, each device connected under the KXP Protocol has a unique MAC number which defines and located in the hardware devices network.

The KProduct library is designed to detect and locate the connected elements and thus can perform actions on a specific element, like manage the KXP network, exchange data with other elements on the network, troubleshoot errors or make firmware updates.

It is very important and useful for quick upgrades and connected devices in the network.

Different models and finishes

The new Flexy does not abandon its traditional offering in multiple finishes with the brand stands out in the sector. Kimaldi offers a different finish for every need and the possibility of customization according to project.

  • TMifare Terminal Flexy RFID. Finished in box. IP65 protection.
  • Flexy RFID + Fingerprint biometrics Terminal. Finished in box. Includes FIM module for a fingerprint biometric reading. IP65 protection.
  • Flexy for integration Kit OEM. Electronic board for integration. Allows its integration in turnstile.
  • PoE (Power Over Ethernet) Option. Integrates the electrical power and network connection through the same cable.

Access Control, reader and sensor management and more!

The Access Control electronic board Flexy is a versatile element which allows all sorts of application and the combination with other devices.

  • Access Control to enclosures.
  • Flexy connected to a 16 relays card. Allows manage up to 16 different points: Access Control to showers, padel court...
  • Resources Control and management. Water control in showers. Light control in sport courts.
  • RFID payment. Electronic wallet.
  • Booking management.
  • Control and management of several network devices for: Sport Centres, Leisure Centres.
  • Hotels and restaurants.

Kimaldi develops customize solutions enhancing the versatility and flexibility of its products. Kimaldi is manufacturer and official distributor of the best access control brands.

Contact us and we’ll help you to choose the best solution for your needs.