We lowered the Price to Nitgen Fingkey Access 2!

Get the new Fingkey Access 2 terminal at an unbeatable price:

  1. FingKey Access 2 Fingerprint
    Promotional retail price 399 €
  2. FingKey Access 2 Fingerprint and 125 kHz RFID
    Promotional retail price 459 €
  3. FingKey Access 2 Fingerprint and Mifare RFID
    Promotional retail price 495 €
Do you know the new Nitgen Fingkey Access 2 Time and Attendance Control terminal?

Fingkey Access 2 allows you to keep track on your employees clocking in and out on a reliable way. It is an affordable terminal you can set up both indoors and outdoors and it can identify users via fingerprint, RFID, PIN or use them concurrently. 

This new biometrical terminal comes after Fingkey Access 1 and if we compare it to the older version it is way faster:

  • CPU 32 bits/400 Mhz RISC
  • 64MBDRAM/32MB Flash Memory

The new model offers speedy biometric authentication, along with larger template and log capacities:

- Speedy biometric authentication: 1,5 sec 1:N per 1.000 users
- Template capacity  20.000 templates
- Log capacity: 100.000 logs

Fingkey Access 2 is an energy-saving terminal with a lower energy consumption rate than its predecessor. It has a longer-lasting screen thanks to a backlight with timeout.

Fingkey Access 2 is a secure Access Control terminal based on LFD (Live Finger Detection) to prevent use of fake fingerprints. Moreover, it can be set up with security options such as logging off from the system administrator when idle for more than one minute.

The terminal is compatible with the fingerprint recognition devices Hamster y HamsterII for fingerprint capture and user enrolment. It works with Access Manager Pro Software for Access Control

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